Woman To Man Makeup Tutorial For Nuffnang 007 Birthday Bash



The long weekend has arrived! WOOHOO! Was just lying on my bed reflecting on what has happened the past 7 months and I’m truly grateful for the many opportunities that have come my way.

Then I realized that I haven’t wrote about the fun we had at Nuffnang Birthday Bash 007 which was in FEBRUARY. Bahahaha!!

I always love dressing up for occasions, and better UN-pretty than pretty, because you know, it’s hard to beat pretty. Lol.



Got the old school red plastic piggybank from a neighborhood shop, they’re so rare these days! And the pirated nerf gun was specially chosen by Mr Mode. After the event he brought it home to play.

Woman -> Man Makeup Tutorial

Smirk It

First, practise the smirk. HAHAHA! The middle one was the one I used the most for the night. I don’t know why, but that’s how I’d smirk if I were a guy~. Heh.


Sideburns, The More The Merrier


The sideburns were the hardest to get right! >.<

I set the base with black/grey eyeshadow first, but it looked one dimensional and too gentle, so I used crayon eyeliner. It was tough finding the right eyeliner coz if it’s too creamy, it would smudge too well and look too soft. If it’s too dry, it would be impossible to smudge at all, and the strokes would look too harsh.

I even resorted to using mascara to replicate hair in the last picture. But that idea was scraped coz it didn’t work out quite as expected.

Have A Makeup Advisor

This was my makeup advisor for the night. He was the one who told me “Sideburn 不是越多就越 MAN 吗?” when I asked if my sideburns were adequate. HAHA!


In actual fact, he just kept playing with me and disturbing my makeup work!



I super love my bushy caterpillar brows! Dark eyebrow pencil was used to create volume and liquid eyeliner was used to draw strokes above and below my real brow structure to add shadows and stray hairs.



Most items can be found at Doll To Doll Cosmetics.


Introducing…… BUN BURGLAR!

Hiak hiak hiak! Dipped my fingers into black eyeshadow to emulate dirt on the skin, as if I just escaped from a prison and went to burglar a bank again. 😀



I cannot stop laughing when I see these pictures! My mum found an old-looking FILA bag for me, which really completed the look. :)



Mr Mode refused to kiss me or hug me after I was done with the transformation! He said it made him feel very confused. LOL!!

Birthday Bash @ Fullhouse

I loved the reaction on people’s faces when I said hi and they took a few seconds to realize it was ME!



How liberating it felt to sit with my legs wide open!











Love everybody’s expressions! See the flying granite? This was taken in ONE SHOT. Heh heh!

Thank you Nuffnang for yet another great year! 😀 (Check out 2013 Nuffnang birthday bash!)


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