First Chinese New Year As #MrMrsMode – Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome


The number one question I get asked is “How’s married life?”.

Oh well, there are other (annoying) questions like “When are you going to have kids?” and “Have you started on family planning?”, but that’s a story for another time.

So, how’s married life?

I always thought Mr Mode made a not-too-shabby boyfriend, and despite the risk of him getting an inflated ego, I’d go ahead and declare that he makes pretty good husband material. He takes good care of me, washes the clothes, tidies the room, mops the floor… Hahaha. We still have our arguments but I think being able to see each more often than before allows us to clear any misunderstandings more quickly. Being married also makes us more accepting of each other’s shortcomings. Like, BO BIAN ALREADY. LOL!

2015 is our first year celebrating Chinese New Year together, and besides being first time angbao givers, there are so many new things to do together – one of them being visiting Gardens By The Bay! We didn’t know until we bought our tickets that there was an Asian Tales Garden Trail at the Flower Dome that runs till 8 March 2015.

It’s the Year of the Goat!



Reminds me of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story.

Anti-Photography Husband

Mr Mode doesn’t like having his photos taken and would avoid it all costs. However, having had our pre-wedding photos (one in Taiwan, one in Singapore) and wedding day photos taken, I think he’s slightly more comfortable now. He still doesn’t like it, but he’d oblige for my sake. :)



Mr & Mrs Mode Wedding Day – Part 2




After the solemnization, we all went upstairs for lunch. For every guest, there was a placard with their name, a cake-in-a-jar (red velvet, which everyone LOVED), and a mad lib.

I once attended a wedding with my name written on a placard and loved the personal touch.

Logo, mad lib design, table arrangements by Rosette Designs. Cake-in-a-jar by Butter Studio.



It’s okie if you don’t know what a mad lib is, coz I didn’t know either until I thought of having one for the wedding. I Googled ‘fill in the blanks card’ and then learnt that they’re called mad libs. Haha.

Instead of having guests sign on a guest book I’d probably never flip to read, I wanted to hear and keep what they thought of our union and hopes for our future together. :)

You can take reference from online sources, but I scripted my own mad libs and made it so that it’s very easy to make the story very R-rated but requires more creativity to make it innocent, joyous or funny.



Lunch was served and activities took place in between courses. Our guests were encouraged to fill in the blanks on their mad libs.

What they didn’t expect was that selected people had to read out their own mad libs. LOL. I also didn’t expect, it was my emcees’ (Honey and Pris) idea, which was great coz we got to hear the real emotions behind the words too.






Mr & Mrs Mode Wedding Day – Part 1


How quickly time flies, I’ve been happily married to my childhood sweetheart for 3 months. ^_^*

I must say that even though it wasn’t easy working our way towards a new life together, married life has been the most awesome new phase of my life! You can follow me on Dayre (download the app) where I update on-the-go, and you’ll see that I married a very loving husband. Mushy anot? HAHA.

Now, I better get to blogging about our wedding before 2014 comes and goes. I’ll put up a comprehensive list of wedding services at the end of this post. =)


My makeup artist, Zennie, did a fantastic job with my hair and makeup. I only found her at the very last minute, through the recommendation of my favorite gown designer – Danny L.



Let The Gatecrash Begin

My bridesmaids came really early to prepare the gatecrash food items in 酸甜苦辣 (sour, sweet, bitter, spicy), a custom  in Chinese culture that symbolizes the groom’s commitment to survive through tough times in the marriage. (Actually it’s just having permission to tekan them)


It looks a lot like my favorite avocado milkshake, and then topped with Milo powder LOL. But it’s actually blended bittergourd, plus coffee powder. To make it super bitter.



Came the groom! :D My handsome brother who had been waiting for this day for ages was the 开车门 boy.


My beautiful and gangsterish bridesmaids brought out their sabo guns to tekan him and his band of brothers. Bang! Bang! Bang!



All these while, I was sitting on my bed watching the commotion outside filmed by my BFF using Facetime.


Signing on the Love Contract, composed by Yours Truly. Haha.


Check homework.


6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Bridesmaids


There are so many things to plan for a wedding, choosing your bridesmaids should be the least of your worries and a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Wait till it really happens, and you’ll understand just how not-simple it is.

Here are 6 questions you might want to ask yourself when deciding who to include in your wedding party:

1. Is she bridesmaids material?

Planning a wedding is stressful, and even with a good wedding planner, there is still a lot of pressure to make your big day as perfect as you want it to be. This is where you need all the support you can get. If you’re surrounded by a good support system within your bridal party, it can make all the difference.

One week before the wedding, I had a mental and emotional meltdown. There was still SO MUCH to be done, and due to my husband’s insane working hours and workload, I was basically handling everything myself. The stress was too much to take and I sat down on the balcony floor and started crying. More like wailing, to be honest.

Somehow, one of my bridesmaids sensed something amiss from my Whatsapp messages and called me. It was the right time coz I was done with my self-pity episode and needed some coaxing and encouragement. And who else better than one who has gone through it.

It also helps if your bridal party is super fun and creative since they will be planning your bachelorette party! :)


2. What are her roles & responsibilities?

She could be the most joyful and fun person to have in a party, but is she willing to work her ass off for your big day?

My girl friends are go-getters, planners, creative thinkers, doers. Together, we have achieved the most difficult of tasks with astounding results. I knew they would be capable of handling the entire wedding, but because I had a wedding planner, most of the planning was left to her. I didn’t want to make my girl friends work too hard haha. I wanted them to be more of my support system than my laborers, even though I know they’re the 赴汤蹈火在所不辞 kind of girl friends.

So if you don’t intend to get a wedding planner, will your bridesmaids be willing to take time out to help you with the planning? I have heard of bridesmaids not contributing to the planning, and even MIA on the big day. You wouldn’t want someone irresponsible to be given responsibilities, do you?

To agree to be a bridesmaids conveys a commitment to expectations of duties.

What roles do you have for your bridesmaids? Do you need them to dress shop with you? Are you decisive enough to make decisions by yourself or do you constantly need the opinions of others? What are each of them going to do on the big day, who to go where at which point in time?

For me, I didn’t need an entourage for dress-shopping, and for most things I made the decisions with the help of my planner. I really only needed a support group, and to know that if sh*t happens, they will always be there for me.


3. Do you REALLY want her to be your bridesmaid?

I initially thought of having 6 bridesmaids, 4 were confirmed while the other 2… I was on the fence and took a couple of MONTHS contemplating whether to include them or not.

Then I rationalized with the fact that if I even need to consider, it meant… X

Follow your heart and desires. Keep in mind that this is your day and everyone will eventually understand. Choose who you’re closest to and not out of obligation or reciprocity, but do consider the repercussions of leaving someone out especially if family is involved.



Bachelorette Party And Watermelon Soju


While I love parties and social events, I stay away from extremities. So I only had one condition for my Bacholorette party: NOT TOO WILD. Hahaha!

I’ve never had a liking for clubs and never understood the joy people derived from drowning themselves in liquor, having to shout at the top of their voices, not being able to have meaningful and memorable conversations, dancing aimlessly and risk getting frisked by weird strangers.

I’m not judging anyone, I’m just averse to a wild night life.

Okie la, you can call me GEEK lor. LOL.

I prefer to engage in little silly games, having great conversations with people I love, and I ADORE WATERMELON SOJU. =DDD

Night @ Crowne Hotel

Crowne Hotel Changi Airport very generously invited me to hold my Bachelorette party at their hotel and gave us 2 large rooms for me and my 4 bridesmaids.



3 of them checked in with me. OMG the lighting in this room was super awesome for photography! This room was facing the pool.



Bride Guide: 6 Pre-Wedding Treatments Every Bride Should Pamper Herself With


One of the best things about being married is being able to write and share advice from personal experience with brides-to-be. Heh heh.

It was really tough being a bride-to-be, with endless errands to run; I also wasn’t the best student to tick against a checklist.

General wedding coordination aside, of which my wedding planner Nicolle from BigLittleDetails did an excellent job, I was more of a ‘let’s roll with it’ kind of bride-to-be when it came to prepping MYSELF for the BIG DAY. I had a rough idea of what ought to be done, but because I didn’t want to stress myself out with yet another timeline, I tried to start early.

Most brides handle the bulk of wedding preparations and it can be VERY STRESSFUL, but remember you want to look your best too, so don’t forget to pamper yourself! It’s once in a lifetime, after all! Avoid cramping too many things to do too close to the wedding day as the result would be litany of problems that could have been avoided.

So here are 7 pre-wedding treatments I personally think are most important. :D Contact details and discount codes at the bottom of the post!

Pre-wedding Treatment #1: Trial Makeup & Hair

I must have been asked “Are you going to do your own makeup on your wedding day?” at least a hundred times.

“No”, I replied. It’s my BIG DAY and I didn’t want to stress out trying to create the perfect bridal makeup on myself. Besides, I can’t possibly do my own hair and it’s really silly to get a MUA to do only my hair.

Zennie was recommended by Danny L, and in my opinion, anything that Danny recommends must be UPZ. :)

It’s important to convey the look you are looking for and best if you can show your MUA pictures to support the idea – Pinterest is a great source. Also let your MUA know the location and time of event as these factors will play a part in creating your ideal bridal hair and makeup.

I wanted a more princess-in-a-garden look for the first gown since the lunch session would take place in a beautiful garden. For the second gown which would take place at night in a country club restaurant, we decided to go for a bold, red lip.

This was the trial hair for my second gown. Head piece from Danny’s studio. It ba-da-blinged gorgeously on the wedding day.



Every bride should go for a trial hair + makeup session. My friend who didn’t have a trial session hated the hairdo she received on the day itself and had to scramble to look for one at the last minute.

It’s also important to look like yourself, only much better. Take photos of yourself from all angles after the trial session to see if it looks good on camera, and let your MUA know if there’s anything you’d like to tone down or tune up.

Pre-wedding Treatment #2: Hair Coloring & Treatment

Unless your current hair style is horrible and you have a dysfunctional relationshipwith your stylist, stick to the one you know can give you the best cut, color, and treatment.

I’ve been with Salon Vim for many happy years and no one else knows my hair better than they do.

I had my hair colored and treated 5 days before the wedding so that the hair color and texture would be in tip-top condition.

Stick to a safe color, like browns and ash. I know pinks and purples might seem very tempting for a young bride who wants to sport a ‘different look’, but trust me, 20 years down the road you’ll be happy you kept it safe.

Pre-wedding Treatment #3: Microdermabrasion & Skincare

I have my current skincare routine in this post if you’d like to check it out. Other than purchasing skincare products from Dr Joyce, I also go to her for Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel. I’ve done it only twice in a year and for the periods in between, her prescribed skincare have been sufficient to keep my skin in good condition.

I did my second Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel a month before the wedding, to allow the treatment to work its magic and time for the skin to heal in case of side effects. The only side effects I get are a bit of redness and dryness. They usually subside in a week.

I do not recommend facials, I will never recommend facials in this lifetime. But if you choose to have one, allow 2 weeks for your complexion to settle.

Also, if you have an existing skincare regime that works, stick to it. It’s not worth the curiosity of trying new skincare products and running the risk of sending your skin into shock when it’s so close to your wedding day! No bride wants to be spotty or blotchy!

Pre-wedding Treatment #4: Teeth Whitening

I had my veneers done a year ago at Orchard Scotts Dental by Dr Jerry, and they have been LIFE-CHANGING. The comparison pictures in my posts will give you the full story.

Smile Makeover Part 1

Smile Makeover Part 2

You can do many things to your face, hair, body, but it’s always the SMILE that makes the biggest difference.


The veneers are on my upper 8 teeth, and I used a home whitening kit for the lower teeth. I had my tray custom-made at OSD and all I have to do is pump out the gel on the tray and wear it for the night. I wear the tray faithfully every night to minimize teeth grinding.

If you’re going to invest in one cosmetic treatment, make it teeth whitening. However, please get them professionally whitened or at least seek your dentist’s approval if you intend to buy over-the-counter products. Some are able to whiten the teeth simply because the chemicals erode the outer layer of your teeth to reveal the unstained layer beneath it. Overtime, your teeth get thinner and teeth sensitivity is no laughing matter.

Also try to avoid drinking coffee, dark sauces and red wine in the weeks leading up to the big day to reduce teeth staining.

Pre-wedding Treatment #5: IPL Hair Removal

Ever since I started on my Ginza Calla journey to remove all unwanted and unsightly facial and body hair, I’ve begun to appreciate the benefits of being hairless at all the right places. No more grey shadow on the upper lip, no more having to epilate every other day, no more struggling with a very unsexy ‘Southern Bush’.

I chronicled my Ginza Calla journey in these posts, do check them out coz there are discount codes for my readers at the end of each post!

Ginza Calla 1

Ginza Calla 2

Ginza Calla 3


Pre-wedding Treatment #6: Vocal Lessons

I hope there will be pictures of me singing to my husband on our wedding day! People don’t cringe when I sing, but neither am I a singing superstar. I’m just your average once-in-a-long-while-patronize-Kbox kind of singer. Lol.

A bride’s got a million things to do, so I went for the Hark Music Express Vocal Course and learnt many singing/breathing/presenting techniques in TWO days.


It was quite an interesting and memorable experience, not only because I felt that I’d improved, but also saw how my course mates improve tremendouly too. There was a guy in class who was really quite bad at first (off pitch, off tempo), but when it came to the final performance on stage in front of our family and friends, HE IMPRESSED. Everyone thought he improved the most and I was personally very touched by his determination to get better at singing – he was always practising during breaks and at every opportunity he could find.

Being given the chance to sing on stage in front of an audience helped prepare me for the surprise I wanted to go my husband on our wedding day. I’m only able to mention this now coz the wedding is finally over. Haha.

Wedding Services Mentioned

Hair & Makeup – Zennie Casann

Gown & Bridal Services – Danny L

Hair Salon – Salon Vim. Get 10% off for chemical treatments when you quote ‘Juli/Bun Bun’

Microdermabrasion & Skincare – Dr Joyce Lim

Teeth Whitening – Orchard Scotts Dental

Hair Removal – Ginza Calla

Vocal Lessons – Hark Music. Quote Bunbun and receive a special discount of $80 for all Hark Music courses.


Alright! Let me know if you have any questions and remember to pamper yourself! It’s once-in-a-lifetime! :D



La Fatte Bridal Studio 法蝶婚紗會館 – Taiwan Pre-Wedding Photography + FAQ






I’m Mrs Mode. Teeheehee.

After posting some pictures on my Instagram of our pre-wedding photos shot in Taiwan by 法蝶婚紗會館 La Fatte Bridal Studio (pronounced as la-feet), I’ve been receiving more enquiries from you guys asking anything from the price of the package, to accommodation, to destinations.

I hope to be able to answer most of your questions in this post! :)

We Went To Get A Pillow

I’d like to say we did a lot of homework – thronged forums for reviews, met up with many photographers, compared prices, looked at samples, discussed what we wanted, and the sort.

Truth is, we happened to have dinner at a neighborhood mall and wanted to buy a pillow. While we usually avoided those enthusiastic people from bridal studio booths, it was quite a coincidence that both Mr Mode and I were interested to listen to a guy from La Fatte who approached us.

La Fatte is entirely Taiwan-based, meaning they do not have a physical presence here in Singapore. The photos looked great, the service staff were friendly, and at the spur of the moment, we signed the contract. I know, totally impulsive.

Shortly after that, I suffered from buyer’s remorse. For many months following, I was worried that we had been scammed coz it was way more expensive than what people in forums paid for other Taiwan photography packages. I was even MORE terrified after reading horror stories about couple having to pay thousand of dollars in addition due to hidden costs.

Odd thing was, there weren’t many reviews on La Fatte Bridal Studio. A few good ones, zero bad ones. I didn’t know what to expect! But when I looked through the photos posted on their Facebook page, my suspicions and worries were kinda eased coz most people wrote their Thank You’s in Chinese. I reckoned they were really popular in Taiwan, but not so much in Singapore. I guess it’s also coz they don’t have a physical presence here.

So away we put our fears and flew to Taiwan early this year! Right before Chinese New Year, in fact. We hoped to catch the beautiful cherry blossoms, yet wanted to be back here in Singapore to celebrate CNY, so we couldn’t stay too long in Taiwan.

If you have the time, it would be better to be over and done with the photoshoot first, then stay on to party. We had a hard time resisting temptation from all the Taiwanese street food!

We stayed in Taipei for 2 nights, traveled to Taichung for the photoshoot, then returned to Taipei for 1 night.


One Month To Our Vintage Garden Wedding!


We are LESS THAN ONE MONTH away from the wedding! SAY WHATTT!!!! *panic mode*

We started planning sooooo early (1 year ago) that we actually lost a bit of steam along the way HAHA, and only really got on track about 3 months before. So actually, planning a wedding in three months is pretty do-able!

That is, if you’re really not that fussy and prefer a run-of-the-mill wedding.

Not that I have anything against one of those. In fact, if he had a choice, Mr Mode would prefer to just have our names signed on construction paper, presented to HDB for recognition of a lawful marriage, and call it a day.

But I would probably most likely definitely berate him for the rest of our lives for not giving me my dream wedding. So this wedding is really for him, to spare him the agony of my nagging. BAHAHA!

I don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding, which explains why I took great effort into ensuring all my wedding sponsors are one of the best in town. :D

Wedding Decorator – Rosette Designs

One year ago, while researching on wedding decorators in Singapore, I came across Rosette Designs. The photo gallery containing collages of their works left a deep impression but I left it as that as it was too early to plan anything and we didn’t even have our wedding date finalized yet!


One year later, after researching on plenty of wedding decorators, I went back to Rosette. Haha! If you take a look at their gallery, you will know what I mean. :)

After meeting Hellen, principal designer of Rosette, a couple of times and conveying the theme I have in mind, Hellen put together a mood board. I’m SOOOOO looking forward to our wedding day deco!


I think it’s very important to set the color theme right. Even if you don’t have a strong theme eg. vintage/glamorous/colorful/rustic, at least have a color theme so everything looks more cohesive.

Choosing the color theme was quite fun for me coz I like to mix and match textures and colors. But don’t worry if you have no idea coz Hellen will be there to guide you!

Bun-Bun-Makeup-Tips-Wedding-Sponsors_Rosette-Designs_3.1 Bun Bun is finally donning a wedding gown! Heehee!! I love the groom! Hellen and the team nailed the essence of Mr Mode – the hair, eyes, mouth. And we’re the same breed of alien coz we both have 4 ears.

Wedding Photographer – Confetti Peektures

I wanted a photographer who could understand and bring out the beauty of our wedding theme. It sure wasn’t easy finding one.

Actual Day Photography

‘Vintage garden wedding’ doesn’t really explain in full how I envision the wedding theme to be. It’s more than that. We are holding it at a vintage venue, but we don’t want an overkill of all things old and granny. We want it to be romantic, but with a bit of fun, a pop of color, and in accordance to our personalities, a more light-hearted and fun vibe! The photos must reflect these!

I found in Confetti Peektures the perfect photographer – Angie! When we met to understand my concept and discuss what Angie can propose, I was over the moon that she could get what I want. She has way more photos in her iPad so I would recommend meeting up with her for a discussion.

I love that Angie captures emotions very well (you can take a look at her gallery). Some couples like photographers who take glorious scenery but I prefer those who focus on emotions and expressions coz they’re the hardest to capture and the most precious.

Casual Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Mode and I met in secondary school and we wanted to eternalize this memory with pictures. So today we went back to school for a casual pre-wedding photoshoot, to re-create childhood memories. HAHA! It was a little nerve-wrecking to write an email to the school to ask for permission. Thank goodness they were very nice and granted us that.

We got our uniforms re-produced to the way they looked back in 1999 and found old-school white shoes and socks too.




The Best Engagement Anniversary DIY Gifts


Yeeks! What have I been doing to cause such a huuuge gap between my first post of the year and this? Oh, you know, nothing much, just: preparing for my Taiwan wedding photoshoot, flying there, being there, coming home, attending a 3-day dance workshop, helping with house-cleaning for Chinese New Year, celebrating Chinese New Year… and KAZAAM!! I haven’t been blogging proper for a few weeks!

On account of my tight-like-my-pants-because-I’ve-been-eating-too-much schedule, excuse me okie? :D

You can follow me on Instagram (@bunbunmakeuptips) and more recently, Dayre (@bunbunmakeuptips), for more frequent updates, but my blog is a platform I shall never forsake. So stay with me!

Mr Mode and I spent 1 January 2014 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. We haven’t been here for AGES! I don’t think we’ve even been to Botanic Gardens together before. It was just so out of the way for us North-Easteners.

The Circle Line has brought about so much convenience. We alighted at — wait for it — Botanic Gardens station and taa-daa >> Botanic Gardens!



It was a combination of a cool breeze and a slight overcast that made the stroll so peaceful and enjoyable.

Cooling weather = Happy Mr Mode

Hot weather = Super Pek Cek On-Fire JEEBABOOMZ Mr Mode

I’d like to say romantic things like ‘Being together was all that mattered’ and ‘No bad weather could dampen our spirits’, but the reality is that the Mister is a 24/7 angry polar bear. HAHAHA!!


Since when did Botanic Gardens become so beautiful? Should have taken more pictures of the flora and fauna.




My Smile Makeover At Orchard Scotts Dental – Part 1


I’m gonna share something very intimate about me today. You are going to see a very private part of me paraded in various poses and contortions. MY MOUTH LA!! Teeheehee.

For the longest time, I was unsatisfied with my smile. I knew what I didn’t like, but didn’t know how to fix them, or if fixing them was even possible.

6 things I didn’t like about my (old) smile:


1. Misaligned teeth


I had braces when I was 18, those super ugly metal ones that no matter how colorful and luminous I chose my bands to be, remained UGLY.

Not to mention painful and uncomfortable! Ulcers were a constant thing throughout the agonizing 3.5 years that I wore them. I remember having to wear these tiny elastics to improve the bite of my upper and lower jaws. There were bands, hooks, wires, brackets in my mouth and I always had food stuck in between and everywhere else.

Not pretty.

Ah, the price to be paid for not having naturally straight teeth! Mine were all over the place, some hiding behind one another, some growing like cactuses reaching out for the sun. Lol.

During the period when I was wearing braces, I don’t think I had that many suitors. WAHAHA.

My teeth were pretty straight after that but one day my retainers disappeared. I asked my dentist if I should make new ones and he said “Nah, it’s alright. Some natural crookedness will make your teeth look nicer”. Whuuutt…?? WORST ADVICE EVER. =.=

2. Yellow Teeth

I don’t smoke, I don’t take coffee or tea, not even coke. I just had yellow teeth. =(