Happy Halloween From The Geisha – What Were You This Year?

When I was young(er), Halloween was an event I could only fantasize about. I read about it in storybooks and would imagine myself to be a part of all that dressing up in princess-y dresses and cute animal hoodies, walking down large pavements, getting cute little baskets filled with candies from going house to house chorusing ‘trick or treat!’, attending parties in huge houses decorated with cobwebs and skeletons, eating cupcakes with ‘R-I-P’ and eyeballs fruit punch…

Back in primary school, this magazine named YG (Young Generation) worked on a concept of having monsters and ghouls tell stories and inculcate moral values through games and quizzes, all year round. There was a cute vampire, a green fat monster a scrawny witch and some others.

That was the closest I got to Halloween.

In recent years the Halloween scene in Singapore has grown rapidly and more people are welcoming the idea of dressing up and attending events and parties to scare the sh*t out of themselves, myself included.

The trick-or-treat culture doesn’t go quite well in our culture though since 80% of the Singapore population reside in high-rise apartments.

I was a zombie last year (2010), with a bloody scratch across my face, severe eyebags and blackened mouth. You know, typical of the undead. But the makeup wasn’t all that stunning, I used poster colors which faded to a matte and full finish, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Slate for the lips, and black+brown eyeshadow for the eyes. My friend screamed when she saw me and I made some kids cry, but I thought it wasn’t all that impressive.