Let Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste Show You How Having Longer-lasting Fresh Breath Can Help You Make More Friends


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Guess what’s the next worst thing to dancing with a person with BO? Dancing with a person with BB – Bad Breath!!!Firstly, yes, I am a dancer. I do latin ballroom, and also street latin.Secondly, YES OMG SOME PEOPLE HAVE REALLY FOUL BREATH!!!Some people don’t even have to open the biggest gap in their head to emit a smell so pungent you wonder if they chewed a bowl of dung beetles for dinner and drank from the socks of a marathon runner.IMAGINE DANCING WITH THAT PERSON. Because when you dance, you tend to require more air, so when you gasp, it’s……… *OPEN SESAME*!!!!I usually almost pass out after dancing with a person who has BB. The horror threatens to haunt when the guy looks at me with intention for a second dance: Darlie-Expert-Fresh-Toothpaste-Review-Price-Singapore-how-to-reject-people-with-bad-breath-1 (Why is evil/foul air typically represented by the color green??)When acting like an ostrich fails, and despite all subtle hints of avoid eye contact and folding my arms and looking disinterested, he still approaches me: Darlie-Expert-Fresh-Toothpaste-Review-Price-Singapore-how-to-reject-people-with-bad-breath-2 I will give my classic pose and say I have a headache/stomachache/somebody stepped on my foot/am resting/not in the mood. BAHAHAHA!!!(more…)