Inglot Black Gel Liner 77: Me No Likey At All


Did I get a crazy, alien version of the Inglot 77 Gel Liner?

Why is it that everywhere I go (online, obviously), I see praises and compliments thrown at this gel liner? With every positive review I see of this product, my face contorts into indistinguishable shapes of rebellion.

In my review on the colored Inglot Gel Liners, I mentioned how appalled I was to discover the huge disparity in consistency, smudgeproof finish and staying power between the black one and the rest of my colored ones.

Here are some positive pointers I gathered from other users of the Inglot 77 Gel Liner: (edited for language and length)

  • Has great pigmentation and perfect opaque black
  • Totally smudgeproof
  • Creates the most intense dark black matte line
  • Stays all day
  • “I use this to line my upper lid, tightline, and it even works/stays in my waterline. It is so soft and creamy – I only need to use the lightest touch of it in the pot to have enough on my eyeliner brush – too much and I expect it may smudge as some others seem to have experienced”
  • Extremely pigmented and velvety & applies like a dream. Stays looking brand new for my 12 hour day.
  • Sooo creamy
  • The blackest black
  • Beats MAC blacktrack fluidline without a question & its cheaper, doesn’t dry out or crack
  • “Has amazing lasting power on both upper lash line and waterline! The Inglot salesperson told me it may not be suitable for the waterline of contact lens wearers but its perfectly fine with me and my contacts”
  • The case is unbreakable (plasticky)

The ONLY statement I can agree with from the above is that of its plasticky case, which I also mentioned in the previous Inglot Gel Liners review, which makes it quite safe for travel.

As for the other statements – pfft! – like, wheerrrttttt???

Pigmented? Intense Black?!?

The Inglot 77 should supposedly be pigmented and the blackest of black, but because mine applies like dried paint, tugs at my poor lids and causes anxiety as to how much fine lines I’ve added with each stroke, I fail to understand what others mean when they described it as pigmented and intensely dark. Before I can even see any pigmentation, the crusty finish overwrites everything.


Just look at how dry it looks! I don’t encourage judging by appearance because many products have proven quite the opposite of the way they first looked. But this, this is Mr Crusty.