Want to Remove Stubborn Waterproof Eyeliner? Don’t Count on the Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover

Just like day and night, when there’s a ‘best’, there must always be a ‘worst’. I haven’t tried every single makeup remover there is in the market (who has?!), but enough to attest that while some outshine the others by a mile, others must be buried ten feet under.

I am on my 4th (5th?) bottle of my favorite Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip and intend to re-purchase it for as long as it is in existence because it does an excellent job of removing even the most tenacious of smudgeproof and water-resistant eye makeup.

Staying over at a friend’s house one night, I had forgotten to pack the Biore Makeup Remover. She kindly lent me her Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover and after using it, I screamed at her told her I was shocked that she had been subjecting her eyes and face to such great distress!

What it claims:
Hydra Clean Makeup Remover is a mild and gentle lotion that effectively removes all traces of makeup.
Formulated with moisturizing properties for sensitive and dehydrated skin. Contains Bio-White to brighten skin tone.

Does Not Remove Waterproof and Smudgeproof Makeup

Being a girl who must only use smudgeproof eyeliner and mascara, the Silkygirl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover is not strong enough to remove eye makeup that is resilient to water, oil, and sweat.