My Smile Makeover At Orchard Scotts Dental – Part 2

Orchard-Scotts-Dental-Singapore-Review_Final-Porcelain-Veneers_cover-3 It is always SO exciting to write a post and have readers telling me they can’t wait for the sequel! Makes me really happy to share my stories with you guys! =D Thank you for making me happy! =DDDDDI really wanted to churn out this post quickly but it’s really hard work, you know! All that editing and making side-by-sides and adding text and writing and all. *wipes sweat. I spent at least 12 hours for each post.  But it’s worth it, every time! :D I love knowing that people appreciate what I do and more so when I can help them better their lives even in the tiniest ways.You would have read in <<My Smile Makeover At Orchard Scotts Dental – Part 1>> the things I didn’t like about my original smile. Here’s a recap: Orchard-Scotts-Dental-Singapore-Review_COVER-4 The uneven gum line was corrected via Laser Gum Recontouring in Visit 3. Changes for everything else, you’ll see in this post! EXCITING, ISN’T IT!?! ^_^ I AM ALSO VERY EXCITED TYPING THIS!!! HOHOHO!!!

Visit 4 – Getting On Temporaries

So many moulds! Orchard-Scotts-Dental-Singapore-Review_Temporary-Veneers_2 Check out the needles in the background. Actually I’m not afraid to visit a dentist. Having had funny teeth from young and braces before, I’ve had my share of encounters with dentists who were uncaring, rough-handling, and had BAD BREATH (OMG I wanted to die!), so coming to Orchard Scotts Dental and having Dr Jerry fix my teeth is like coming to Heaven from Hell.Getting ready for the procedure with Dr Jerry. We’re getting Temporary Veneers today! They call it ‘Temporaries’ for short. Orchard-Scotts-Dental-Singapore-Review_Temporary-Veneers_5 (more…)