Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair In The Comfort Of Your Home: Hare Way Espil IPL Hair Removal Home Kit


Society loves a woman who has hair at all the right places.

The more the merrier here: Eyelashes, eyebrows, on the head
Must be hair-less here: Everywhere else

I said ‘society’ because if I were living on an uninhabited island, I wouldn’t give two hoots if my legs had hair long enough worthy of challenge against the Woolly Mammoth, or if my underarm hair grew till I had to french braid them so that they would not be mistaken by crustaceans as seaweed when I go fishing in the sea.

For the longest time I’ve been epilating, simply because it’s one level up from shaving. An epilator extracts the hair from the roots, thus leaving a smoother finish and longer lasting results. I need only epilate every 2-3 weeks. Epilation eliminates the risk of shaving your skin off too. I still vividly remember my first shaving experience – I tried it on a finger which had tiny hairs, and SHAVED THE SKIN OFF. I was like @_@!!! And yes, skin came off, blood flowed, went in shock, never shaved my fingers again.

I was immensely excited when Evelyn, Director of Hare Way, invited me for an IPL hair removal session at their cosy office. Firstly because I have never heard of a DIY IPL hair removal kit, and secondly because… actually the first reason was more than enough to keep me interested. Lol!

This was the machine used – Espil BSL-10 IPL Home Hair Removal System



Evelyn did it for me for the first round of shots, and I tried the remaining. A sudden surge of happiness dawned on me as I realized that I would be using less shots overall because I have shorter legs = smaller surface area. BAHAHAHA!!! The perks of being petite.