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Yeeks! What have I been doing to cause such a huuuge gap between my first post of the year and this? Oh, you know, nothing much, just: preparing for my Taiwan wedding photoshoot, flying there, being there, coming home, attending a 3-day dance workshop, helping with house-cleaning for Chinese New Year, celebrating Chinese New Year… and KAZAAM!! I haven’t been blogging proper for a few weeks!

On account of my tight-like-my-pants-because-I’ve-been-eating-too-much schedule, excuse me okie? 😀

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Mr Mode and I spent 1 January 2014 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. We haven’t been here for AGES! I don’t think we’ve even been to Botanic Gardens together before. It was just so out of the way for us North-Easteners.

The Circle Line has brought about so much convenience. We alighted at — wait for it — Botanic Gardens station and taa-daa >> Botanic Gardens!



It was a combination of a cool breeze and a slight overcast that made the stroll so peaceful and enjoyable.

Cooling weather = Happy Mr Mode

Hot weather = Super Pek Cek On-Fire JEEBABOOMZ Mr Mode

I’d like to say romantic things like ‘Being together was all that mattered’ and ‘No bad weather could dampen our spirits’, but the reality is that the Mister is a 24/7 angry polar bear. HAHAHA!!


Since when did Botanic Gardens become so beautiful? Should have taken more pictures of the flora and fauna.