What Do You Do With Empty Cosmetics Boxes?

Okie, so I’ve got a problem here, a problem that many of you might share and also have no idea what to do about.

Empty boxes.

Not milk cartons, not gift boxes, nor the likes of precious and expensive ones that come with branded bags.

Cosmetics boxes. Makeup packaging. Plastic and paper cases.

You know, those little boxes that you probably take 10 seconds to look at because you are more excited with what is inside the box – so that you can start admiring, swatching, playing with, and creating makeup looks with the product itself.

What then becomes of the abandoned boxes?

I used to throw them out immediately after I open the product, then I thought it was such a pity because part of the $x I paid went into the packaging.

So I extended the period of retaining those boxes, but sent them for recycling after a few weeks. Then when I got more serious into blogging, I realized I didn’t have the boxes to take pictures of.