Let’s Get Married Part 1: Petrified Of What’s To Be Done


Since I’d put up a post of The Proposal on my blog, I thought I might as well make the whole wedding planning process public. Blogging helps me think clearly, put my thoughts into words, keep all these memories vivid and most importantly, force me to start moving.

Ever since The Proposal on Christmas Eve 2011, nothing has happened. I mean, like,


Now that the excitement of finally getting the ring on my finger has settled, the impending wedding preparations loom over my head like a grey overcast on a sunny day. It’s like you know it’s a happy thing, that you’re doing it to celebrate the union of you and your partner (the sunny day), but the sheer amount of preparation required sort of makes it really scary (the grey overcast).

At times I wish there wasn’t a need to throw a wedding party. Too much trouble, too much effort, too much money, too much time. But most of the time, I look forward to my own wedding. My own wedding. MY OWN WEDDING. That sounds pretty fun.  =D

Through chronicling my wedding preparations, I hope to have friends and readers share what they went through before, share tips, give some advice, or just be there to walk with me through all these. It’s really scary, you know?

I’m 29 this year, but to do all these adult things like getting a house, planning for the wedding, planning for the future all make me sick in the stomach. Oh yes, I just bought an insurance plan that has a S$1 million payout should I die. See, suddenly death isn’t such morbid talk anymore.

It makes me want to up-heave myself and travel back in time when all I had to worry about was why my friend suddenly told me she will ‘un-friend me until after recess time’ in primary school. ‘Un-friend’ as in the literal meaning of the word, not like in Facebook, please. HAHA.

The reason why nothing’s been done from December 2012 till now (April 2013) was because ME-JULI-BUN-I haven’t been doing anything for the wedding. Because I have been in denial. Because I know once I start, the nightmare begins.

Oh gawd, excuse me for being so negative. I woke up after sleeping just three hours and couldn’t get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Oddly, I started reading up on wedding stuff and got really disoriented with each additional article I read.

I guess we (all brides-to-be) cannot blame the groom-to-be for their lack of enthusiasm towards a wedding. To them, it is merely an event. To us though, it represents all of our childhood into womanhood – marrying the man we love, the perfect wedding gown, the fairytale wedding.


And then we grew up and BAM! Nobody told us it would be so troublesome!!!

In Part 1 of my ‘Let’s Get Married’ series will be a general idea of what’s been repeating itself, but only in my head. I hope getting all of that down by typing each letter of each word, of each phrase, of each sentence, of each paragraph, will culminate into a better understanding of my own wedding vision. I chose to use the words ‘my wedding vision’ because The Fiance told me he really doesn’t mind even if we do it at our void deck or community centre. Don’t know to laugh or cry.