Let’s Get Married Part 2: Coastal Settlement For A Vintage Wedding


I knowwwww… It’s been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I updated on our wedding plans. Well, that’s because there are NO plans!

I can’t believe the last post was in April, now’s October. I wrote that I was petrified. I think I still am, and more so because the clock’s ticking. Mr Mode and I had our very first ‘wedding planning meeting’ at a little cafe some time ago, we discussed the guest list………. and that was it. HAHAHA! Super inefficient meeting.

We’ve got our date sort of planned though. See, ‘sort of’. Can’t even provide a definite date. Am I getting married or not? =.=

It’s less than a year to our wedding and people always say that the most important thing to check off the to-do list of a wedding plan is to decide and book the venue.

Having started researching on possible venues for my kind of wedding, I dragged Mr Mode to Coastal Settlement on a bright and sunny afternoon.

I immediately fell in love with the walkway adorned with beautiful plants and lamps that would illuminate the path at night. I can only imagine how welcoming and romantic the scene would be for a wedding.