Your Crowning Glory Deserves A Specially Concocted Cocktail Treatment Made Just For You

It took just one horrible salon experience to reduce my hair to the texture of dried twigs. It was shocking to see the amount of damage done by a previous salon to my crowning glory – everyone who saw my hair in person could not believe that the previous salon would allow anyone to walk out of their salon with hair in such a terrible condition.

I looked like a WALKING JOSS STICK. :(

I was devastated with the condition of my hair but ten minutes into having my hair analyzed and speaking to the stylists at Salon Vim, I knew my hair had hope. I knew restoring health and shine back to my hair wasn’t impossible anymore. I knew I was in good hands.

For my first visit at Salon Vim a month ago, I had the moisture treatment following an ombre hair job, a dark brown base with magenta highlights. Super pretty!

This time, I asked my stylist Ivan what hair color would make a person’s hair look healthier and he said dark colors would naturally provide that. So after some discussion we decided to have my hair darkened to a dark purple with red-purple highlights. No more ombre, but hidden highlights.

I love how my hair looks so multidimensional, with different degrees of purple and violet peeking out from curtains of maroon.

GORGEOUS, isn’t it!!! Takes real skill and technique to achieve this. Thank you, Ivan! 😀

The photos of me in the orange top were taken a week after the visit to Salon Vim and my hair was still SO SOFT and extremely manageable. No styling needed, no blow drying. All I had to do to get ready to go out was apply Mythic Oil and that’s it.

It was the magical cocktail treatment, I tell you.

What I loved about the cocktail treatment at Salon Vim was the fact that it was specially MADE FOR ME.