Beauty With Heart: The Body Shop Cruelty Free Makeup Collection Review And Swatches (No Pink Cows Involved!)

“WOAH, PINK COW!” was what immediately came to mind when I first saw the Limited Edition, Lily Cole makeup collection from The Body Shop.

I’m not that kind of beauty blogger who dives into the sciences of products; I don’t squint at ingredient lists, I don’t dig up researches and lab tests done on ingredients and tell you how good or bad it is for your skin, I don’t really bother what goes inside that bottle of goodness (or evil).

The kind of beauty blogger I am, is simply, the kind who tells you whether it works or doesn’t, it looks pretty or pretty much sucks, it stays or vanishes before you even have had time to take your first toilet break of the day. That kind, I am.

I am also a superficial sucker for packaging (you are too, don’t deny HAHAHA!), so when I saw the pink and black prints, and ribbons, and pink stuff and more pink stuff everywhere, my mood lifted!

Not that I was down, but pink is the symbol for universal love, beauty, kindness, compassion. Lovers of beauty favor pink. That’s why Bun Bun Makeup Tips banner is pink. Lol. (I hope it still has some pink in it if you’re reading this in year 2027.)

And that’s why I smiled when I saw the new cruelty-free makeup range from The Body Shop!

And coz pink cows are cute.

Now that they have caught your and my attention, let’s get down to beauty beyond box and stickers.

The Body Shop Puff On Radiance Highlighter

The first item that reached out and grabbed me by the neck and screamed ‘You will love me! Look at how pink and fluffy and girly I am!’ was the Puff On Radiance.