Tutorial: How To Fix Broken Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Eyeshadows + Tamping Technique!


Because the packaging’s really cool, it was never my intention (not so soon, at least) to depot the eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette. I could live with opening up the gorgeous purple plastic casing and admire the 20 shades in their full glory, but fate had to have it its way.

It was pure accident one fine day that the palette decided to slip from my hand and land on the floor with a sickening crash. The closed lid didn’t spring open, but I could hear the deafening sound of shattered eyeshadows. Okie, I couldn’t, but I knew damage was done.

I tried tamping the shattered crash victim back with my diamond-inspired Tamping Tool but the Vice 2 eyeshadows are much smaller than the tool.

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So I dug Voodoo out.

For all my depotting projects, I use a nail/manicure tool and it is used specifically for dealing with makeup. I don’t use it to dig dirt from my nails and then proceed to depot eyeshadows with it the next day. Ew!! :( Before I do anything, I make sure to sanitize the tool with Isopropyl Alcohol first.

The eyeshadows in Vice 2 are so loosely glued to the base. All that was needed was a little wiggle at the gap between the pan and plastic and Voodoo popped right out. No need for Isopropyl Alcohol to soften the glue, no need for a flat iron or oven to melt the glue.

There are some tutorials that show how to pry open the entire plastic casing, like how I similarly did for Kat Von D Beethoven Palette, thereby inevitably destroying the aesthetics of the palette. Let me tell you that there’s no need for that. If you just want to depot some eyeshadows from Vice 2, simply drive a wedge (literally) and the pans will pop up easily.