My First Dance Performance: NUS Cactus Viva Latinus 2014


I started writing this post with the intention to incorporate a full makeup tutorial plus some photos of the performance and what went on backstage. Turns out there were WAYYY TOO MANY! The step-by-step makeup tutorial will make the next post then!

That was the ending pose. SPOT ME! 😀

To get to the ending pose, there were weeks and weeks of training. Nobody in the team would know how it feels to do this at age 30.

When those sweet young things say they’re tired, they go “Aw… I’m tired. YAYYY!! Let’s do it again! ENERGIZER BUNNY!!!”

When I say I’m tired, I mean “FTS. I WANT TO GO HOME“. It’s really not easy, I tell you. But it was a promise to myself, that I would perform on stage before I hit 30. Okie, I am 30 by year, but technically only 29+ by month.

Anyhoooo, mission accomplished and achievement unlocked! 😀

Our dance item had a 70’s theme, hence the colorful leg warmers, leotards, sequined skirt and belt, and big poofy hair.






It’s funny that when they asked during practice who was performing on stage the first time, my hand was the only one raised. Wah, kids these days have so much exposure and courage. Must be the milk powder.