Stage Cosmetics Photo Pro Foundation Review | Foundation For Glowing Skin

The Stage Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation had “Cleo Award Winner” stickers on them, while the Photo Pro Foundation had none. I asked the very unapproachable SA for help but she kept going back to playing Angry Birds on her iPhone behind the cashier counter every time after I asked her a question. I have higher tolerance for sales assistants at crazy sales, like the Stage Cosmetics Moving Out Sale.

The difference between the 2 liquid foundations is actually the amount of coverage. The Picture Perfect Foundation gives less coverage while the Photo Pro Foundation provides more. I’m not one who goes for anything less than medium coverage – I don’t get the point of tinted moisturizers – so the option was clear.

They were selling at 2 for S$19. Gotta grab some! But I didn’t understand their weird numbering system.

02 Take 1

03 Take 2

… and so on.