Fun In Phuket! Days 1-3

The last time I came to Phuket was with The Boyfriend, about a decade ago. It was great coming back again, with a bunch of friends who truly care about one another and friends who actually stayed in Phuket to know the place well enough.

We planned for it to be a budget trip, with our tickets bought way ahead of time and sharing 20kg of check-in luggage among all EIGHT of us.

My toiletries weighed and took up as much space as Honey’s entire luggage. How does a girl travel with such a tiny backpack? HOW???!!!

Out of the 18.4kg, I think I must have chalked up umm… 14kg? I shall explain why in a while. Don’t judge me yet! >.<

That’s all 8 of us! From the left: BFF, Honey, WS, CY, The Bun, Siew, Andrew, and PY. You’ll get the names as we go along. Heh.

Flying budget’s not too bad, especially for short haul flights.