More Than A Pretty Face – Update On My Skin Condition #2


What’s scarier than having a facial disfigurement is knowing that what I related as a personal experience on my blog and what I write henceforth can be used against me, to make what I have suffered and am still suffering  – physically, mentally, emotionally – a mere passing phase, one not worth atoning for, simply because I am… well, a mere individual.

Time, income, opportunities have been lost. Future time, income, opportunities will continue to be affected.

How and with whom should I seek redress for all these? Will justice prevail?


Or will I get crushed under all the legal jargon and can only beg for all these to be over because I don’t know better and can be easily classified as an outlier, a one-off case?

When did blogging become so incriminatory? When did my every word weigh so much to be scrutinized and nitpicked? When did a plain narration of personal experience become associated with big words such as ‘untrue allegation’,‘untrue accusation’, ‘untrue statement’, ‘legal framework’, ‘limited liability’, ‘defamation’? They are all letters in the alphabet that make up words, words that make no sense to me.

From the hundreds of messages I receive each day from all of you (thank you, and trust me when I say I read every single one of them), 80% have asked me to seek some form of compensation or the-word-I-would-rather-not-use-but-have-to-because-there-is-no-other-word SUE.

I hope you will read to the end of this post so that you understand why I need your help. It’s a long post, but I guarantee you will not be bored. HAHA!

Let me now share with you how my skin is faring.

Day 5

We saw both the first GP who sold expired creams and the second good GP on the same night, 30 May.

I was at my lowest on Day 5. A small percentage of the pustules were starting to dry out, but more were forming, and they were MERGING.



They were spreading to my neck too, and were incredibly itchy.