The Undead: Halloween Zombie Nurse And Her Friends


The time now, here in Singapore, is 0400. Probably the worst time to be selecting and editing pictures of The Undead.

It’s nowhere near Halloween and definitely a long time since last year’s, but I just HAD TO blog about it because if I delay any further, I’d have to blog Halloween 2012 and 2013 together. BAHAHA!

I was a zombie geisha in 2011 and wanted something similar but different in 2012. Similar in the way that I’ll still be a zombie, but in a different costume and with better makeup techniques (we improve all the time, don’t we all? :D).

I wanted to name this post ‘Halloween Zombie Nurse Costume And Tutorial’ but after selecting and editing (OMGGGG X_X”) the sheer amount of photos, I had to split it into two posts, just like what I did for the geisha makeup tutorial last year. So hooray for another post!

My friends and I entertained the thought of going to Universal Studios for Halloween but the ticket was wayyyyy out of budget and most importantly, they had a clause stating that ‘no halloween makeup or costume allowed’.


The best part about Halloween is getting to dress up outrageously – sexy, cute, awkward, scary, funny – so taking the creative quotient out of the Halloween equation made it a real dampener.

The geisha year was at Sentosa, it was fun but not enough to make me want to go back for the same thing so I wasn’t for the idea of Sentosa again. However the trailer and website looked extremely promising and with tickets priced more reasonably, it was Sentosa again! Glad we made that decision coz it was so much better than the year before!

The location played a big part in our decision – Fort Siloso.


Fort Siloso was built in the early 1880s as coastal artillery to defend the land against sea invasion from the south and the guns were used to defend against land invasion during the Japanese Occupation. With the fall of Singapore, it was converted into prisoner-of-war camp.

Omg, just mentioning the name brings a tingle down my spine. It’s the place where blood was shed, lives were lost, bodies and minds were tortured and ghosts roam+roamed. Eeeks!!!

Makeup makes me feel confident, no matter the type. Without Halloween costume and makeup, I’m just a I’m-afraid-of-everything-that-moves timid little mouse. Forbidding me my confidence boosters would totally handicap me. I’ll tell you why in a while.

Here’s Min and me. We took a cab from my house (I did her makeup too) and the uncle didn’t know at first that we had makeup on. It was not until we chatted about where we were going that he turned around at a traffic light to look at us. “AIYER!!! You all look so scary!!” LOL.


That would be the last happy shot of Min before we started the night proper.