Jipaban Blogger Bazaar Party This Sunday! + Quick Update On Skin Condition


I’m gonna write this post as though I’m not going through a traumatic experience right now.

That was what I set out to do before I wrote this post, but upon starting on the first sentence, I realized that it’s impossible not to have to narrate in this post all my emotions – the lack of confidence, sadness, incredible vulnerability – attributed to the post-facial trauma.

I told Mr Mode I wanted to give up going to the Bloggers Bazaar altogether because people would ask what’s wrong with my face and/or would get scared coming close to a disfigured monster. That was before I wrote the post-facial trauma post this morning.

Now that I got it out of my system, and with my email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instgram flooded with love and encouragement from all over the world, from people from all walks of life, plus the fact that I can still function as a human being but with a surgical mask plus glasses, I must go ahead with the bazaar.

Because I worked hard towards this day – planned, organized, packed, shipped more in, reduced prices, bought display stands and table cloth, etc, simply because I thought it would be so much fun to see you guys in person and share products I love with you all!

The Show Must Go On

This is one display stand containing:

  • Real Techniques brushes and sets
  • Eyeliner stickers
  • Physicians Formula eyes, face, and lip products




Nah, one whole box shipped in just for this event! Haha! Will be selling:

  • Real Techniques Travel Essentials
  • Real Techniques Starter Set
  • Real Techniques Core Collection
  • Real Techniques Shading Brush
  • Real Techniques Foundation Brush

They are all not available on the Doll To Doll Cosmetics website yet because I haven’t had time to upload them. So it’s really exclusively for the bazaar! =D

These eyeliner stickers will be going for ‘One for $6, Two for $10’. I’ve tried it on my eyes before and they’re really quite fun and easy to apply. I wanted so much to do a quick example of it on my eye but before I could get to it, MY FACE GOT DEFORMED.



Got To Know My Skin Better At Bellabox Event | Clarisonic | Goodbye Purple Hair



Ah yes, let’s go back in time for a teeny wee bit when my hair was still pink-purple then purple. Haha! So much backlog, I need to get it on!

The Bellabox event was held at Antoinette, at Penhas Road. I’ve only been to the one at Mandarin Gallery outlet; the Penhas Road one was larger and allowed more space for intricate furnishings and charming ornaments.


Tsk. Look at Evonne‘s thick juicy lips. iJelly.

I look like Jessica‘s maidservant in her very posh mansion. HAHAHA!


This was the most interesting and useful booth! The friendly lady from Nuxe, who has really beautiful skin, did a detailed skin analysis for every single person who asked for one.



This is my skin analysis results! OMG. Thanks to this machine, I finally know my skin type. And all its horrible connotations.

It’s a little hard to read, isn’t it? Let me type it out:

  • Sebum (U): Much (L)
  • Sebum (T): Much (H)
  • Moisture (U): 27. Little
  • Moisture (T): 27. Little
  • Pore: 6. Very Large
  • Wrinkle: 8. Thick (H)
  • Pigmentation: 2. A little severe
  • Elasticity:  5. Very low
  • Skin Type: Oily (lack of moisture)

So I have a lot of sebum on my… basically, EVERYWHERE. Lol. Coz I have it on both the U and T zones. And despite having oily skin, my skin has very little moisture which means it is extremely dehydrated. And I have VERY LARGE PORES, THICK WRINKLES, a little SEVERE PIGMENTATION (the ‘a little’ really doesn’t ease the annoyance), and INELASTIC SKIN which means I’m a lot closer to the day when I poke myself in the cheek and the dent stays there for like 1.5 minutes.



3 Great Things The Bun Has Been Up To Lately. And Fulfillment.

It’s funny when I think back upon the initial damn-I-hope-at-least-my-friends-read-my-makeup-blog days and recall telling myself that I will only do makeup product reviews, makeup tutorials and the sort, and probably not show my entire face at all. That meant that exposing snippets of my life was out of question.

Fast forward to an incredible year later, people tell me Bun Bun Makeup Tips is more than just a blog with tips and tutorials, it is a place where readers have come to trust my advice, my reviews, and it makes my heart swell with gratitude and joy whenever someone says I’ve helped them in one way or another.

Because of the love I’ve received from my readers, and also because I’ve grown more comfortable sharing my private life publicly, you would notice that I’ve had more posts that reflect who I am outside of Bun Bun Makeup Tips. Which is, no difference, really. BAHAHA!!


Posts where you will get to know me better:

  1. Singapore’s First Ever Anti-Drug Campaign Latin-Hip Hop Flashmob
  2. Fun In Phuket! Days 1-3
  3. Fun In Phuket! Days 4 & 5


And then I accomplished THREE fantabulous milestones in my life.


Milestone #1 – Gameshow In Genting

I went to film a variety show called ReelityTV Showdown in which bloggers pit against one another through a series of games. Read about my imaginary gameshow in Genting. Exciting and ridiculous.

This would be the closest you would get to hear my voice. HAHAHA. Not saying it’s anything special, or like a donkey, but at least now you can put a voice to the face.

The first episode out of four is out. Episode two should air… let me check… THIS FRIDAY!

Below are snippets of the conversation between The Boyfriend and myself. See, I’ve become so much more open already! Can even share whatsapp conversations.

Oh yes, we call each other ‘Mode’. Long story. Heh. 😛




Wow! Resorts World Genting, There’s More To You Than I Ever Knew!

*applause applause*

“And in this round, we have Juli’s team, up against their rivals for the championship of the Pyramid Game! Juli, you have to guess the answer based on descriptions given to you by your team mate. Remember to take note of some word exclusions. In order to win, you need to get ALL answers correct. Your 30 seconds starts…. NOW!”


Partner: CASINO!!
Me: Genting!!!


“I’m sorry, ‘Genting’ is correct but you mentioned a word in the clue and that’s a disqualification. And that means… Team X is the champion for Season 2 of the Pyramid Game!”


Me: Aiya, why did you say ‘Casino’?
Partner: Too nervous! I saw the word ‘Genting’ and that came to mind right away.
Me: Okie, never mind. I’m going on a trip up Genting with Nuffnang. I’ll tell you more about Genting when I come back! ^_^*

HAHAHA! Total imaginary game show cooked up in my happy little world.

But that would be how things could have been played out based on my prior knowledge of Genting. To many of us, the first word that comes to mind when ‘Genting’ is mentioned is ‘casino’. While that association is undeniably well-established, I now know that there is more to Genting than I had previously knew – EXPERIENCE LEVEL UP! – courtesy of Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang who made this trip possible for us.

Yes, SPONSORED TRIP. 😀 Woohoo!!!

Check out my poster face here.

Contest held by Nuffnang to win this free trip!

Add to the fact that 4 bloggers and 4 evangelists from Nuffnang came together to film ReelityTV Season 2, this experience was a truly unforgettable one for me!

I can only tell you <- so much -> what the activities were; you’ve got to wait for the episodes to be broadcasted! MUST WATCH OKIE!! Seriously, filming was so so so so so much fun!!! I’m a total newbie when it comes to filming as I don’t even do YouTube videos so I don’t know how I’ll look when the episodes are aired.

Pray I don’t look fat, sound funny, or have zero stage presence. I tried to channel my inner Running Man passion – you know, like they always stand in a line during the opening of each episode and joke around – and…… you’ll see. HAHAHA!

Day 1

Being connected to cyberspace is of paramount importance to bloggers. Lol. And check out our phones! All the iPhones are in white! Great minds think alike and that makes eight of us.

The day ended with dinner at Genting Palace.