Makeup Tutorial For Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant Wannabes

My childhood ambition was to become an air stewardess.

Since I was a little girl, right up to just several years ago, I’ve always wanted to be an air stewardess. Not because I hankered after the prestige of being a Singapore Girl (what we call our Singapore Airlines female flight attendants), neither was it because I craved fitting my body into a tight-fitting kebaya, nor did I care about flying the international skies.

Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t have any real motivation behind my ambition, except for the fact that I saw my favorite kindergarten teacher, Teacher Lily, leave her teaching job to become an SQ flight attendant when I was in primary school. She loved me very much and was the ideal super beautiful face with a slender body kind of woman. I was in kindergarten but I knew beauty when I saw it.

The dream became more and more unrealizable as I finally had to resign to fate that I would never grow beyond 155cm. Lol.