Tutorial: Halloween Zombie Nurse Makeup And Costume


Back in the old days, patients called nurses ‘Miss’. But those who couldn’t pronounce it replaced it with ‘Missy’.

No, I don’t think any real nurse in any part of the world dresses like this. Definitely not! It’s too short, too sexy, too revealing to be worn as work clothing. But perfectly alright for a Halloween zombie nurse’s night out.

I went to Evonne’s house to pick something to wear for Halloween. She has plenty of kinky and slutty costumes. LOL. TOO EROTIC FOR ME!! I cannot carry sexy. This nurse costume was the most decent of the lot and I didn’t have to suck in my tummy (not as much as I’d have to for the rest).

It came with a matching hat and a collar (kinky, I tell you). So I only had to spend on white stockings and white shoes which were conveniently available at Bugis Street. The stockings cost SGD 10 and the shoes… SGD 19.90, I think.

I aim to spend as little as possible for Halloween coz it’s really not that sensible to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume you’ll probably never wear again. Even renting a costume for SGD 50 is over budget for me. I can be a zombie over and over, but must be of different characters.

On the day of the Halloween event, I hardly had enough sleep having just returned from a trip to Guangzhou in the wee hours of the morning. That made my eyebags more puffy and my dark circles more pronounced. Natural effects accomplished.

Zombies have dull and desiccated skin, with decay and emaciation on their face and body. My idea of looking like The Undead was simple. Gaunt.

So I added plenty of eyeshadows in shades of brown, plum, and maroon to achieve this.


Contouring the hollows and leaving the top of the bones clear created the effect of sunken and sallow-looking skin.