Where To Find Good Quality & Affordable Makeup Brushes In Singapore


I often get the reply “But I don’t know how to use brushes or which brush to use” when people ask me what do I use to apply my makeup and I ask them back.

Considering the crazy number of brushes I own – I think I stopped counting at 180? – it might seem torturous to have to wade through the army of brushes before deciding what to use, and how to use it.

But in fact, no, usually this is more the case:


Lalalalalalalala~~ 😀

It’s precisely because I’ve gone through so many brushes that I know exactly what’s good and how to maximise each brush’s potential.

So today, I’m gonna share with you some of my commonly used brushes that are of great quality, super affordable, and easy to use. I love these brushes, that’s why I brought them in to make them accessible to more people, and at a lower price (coz there is no rent and no employees to pay LOL).

I hope through this post you’ll have a better understanding of various brushes and their versatility – every brush has more use than what its name states! You can drop me a message on the Gumtree app if you have any questions.




Because Your Brushes Deserve The Best Treatment With Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove


Since I will not be able to apply any face makeup for the time being, I decided I should just give all my brushes a good wash. I wash my brushes every weekend actually, but now… I guess I’ll only get to wash them in a few months since they’re all just sitting there unused. :( BOO.

(Erm, in case you don’t know why => My Horrific Facial Story)

How do you wash your makeup brushes? 

I first started with shampoo and conditioner, then Michelle Phan said she uses washing detergent so I tried it and it made my brushes feel squeaky and stooopid, then I found the incredible Daiso detergent and loved it, and then finally found permanent residence in the Make Up Store Brush Cleaning Soap.

For a long time, since forever, no matter what cleaning component used, I would swirl the brushes in my palm. I actually didn’t enjoy having my palm tickled that much, and after each brush cleaning session, my left palm would feel slightly sore and fingers would be wrinkled from having them in contact with water for an hour.

Yes, that’s how long I took to wash my brushes when I first started out. And I didn’t even have so many brushes back then! But knowing the importance of having clean brushes, I HAD to make them as clean as I could, that’s why I took so long.

Imagine having to wash all these brushes with my previous methods! GAWDNO!!


These are just some  of my more regularly used brushes. I house them in an acrylic stationery holder that I found at Japan Home. $5.00 only! Score! I like that there are dividers so the brushes don’t topple and the small ones don’t get crushed under the larger brushes. I place The Brush Guards in one of the compartments.

As therapeutic as brush-cleaning can be sometimes, I’d rather the therapy session be shorter. Haha!