Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation | Shu Uemura Holiday Collection 2013


I don’t cover every event that I attend but because these two, coincidentally both by Shu Uemura, were the very first where I boldly appeared sans mask and with full-on makeup (complete with falsies because I missed being all dressed up!), I felt that they signified a big step towards my walking away from the shadows of the facial episode and into the light of a new me.


(Foundation: Lancome Mat Miracle BO-01)

It’s funny how I felt kinda nervous before and throughout the entire event where we got introduced to the new Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation. I think I even looked awkward in these pictures. Forgot how to pose! HAHA!! Rusty round the edges!


Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation 10 shades

Shu Uemura launches the Lightbulb Foundation that delivers ‘natural glowing skin with perfect coverage to veil imperfections’ and ‘long-lasting moisture yet exquisite fit’. It retails for SGD75.00 and comes with the Lightbulb Sponge.

It is also known as 10克拉鑽石光粉底液 (10 carat-diamond foundation) in Taiwan and is madly popular there, as I’ve heard.