Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Quad In Wild Orchids: Pretty, But A Total Waste Of Money

Drugstores in Singapore never carry the full range of Revlon cosmetics, not even the Revlon counters found in Metro or Robinsons. Hear my rant on the inadequacy of cosmetics range in Singapore here.

Imagine my ecstasy when I saw the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Quad in Wild Orchids in a Watsons store at Ximending during my trip to Taiwan! I’d long heard of these cream eyeshadows but they never appeared on our shelves. It felt surreal to actually hold in my hand the chic black palette with small clear plastic circles that pop out.

There was no tester but I didn’t care and immediately grabbed it! I think we are more susceptible to impulse shopping when on holidays. These thoughts might sound familiar:

“I can’t find this back home!”

“It must be cheaper here”

“What’s one more item in the basket?”

 “I’ve already got the currency exchanged, might as well use it all”

Well, these thoughts certainly ran wild in my mind when I was considering whether to buy the Revlon crème eyeshadow quad.

It didn’t help that it was the last one on the left too! So I had another thought to add:

“It’s the last one! It must be very popular, that’s why!”

This is definitely a good example of why most things bought on impulse turn out to be completely useless. Bah.