Something I Use Every Single Time: MAC Blot Powder Pressed


Before I even had the time to write a fabulous review on the MAC Blot Powder Pressed, it has unknowingly panned out on me! I didn’t expect it… I only use it erm, every single time I apply makeup… Heh heh.

I tried my hardest to like loose powder; I’ve tried the range from expensive ones like NARS to drugstore ones like e.l.f. I could never deal with the hassle of being very careful not to get the powder all over the place when I open the cover, take product, close the cover, and the mess of every step of the way.

Loose powders are also not very travel-friendly. You should see how much trouble I went through to transfer the NARS Loose Powder just so that I don’t have to lug a huge container that threatens to spill its contents at each tilt.

For A Matte Finish

Oilies begone with the MAC Blot Powder Pressed? Hmmm, I guess if you have oily/combination skin, then it will keep oil at bay. But I have oily skin, and in the typical hot and humid Singapore weather, the oilies usually start to show probably after 5 hours. For shine to show only after 5 hours means a lot for my oily skin already! If I didn’t use the MAC Blot Powder to set liquid foundation, my face would look greasy in half the time.