Taiwan 2013: When In Taiwan, Stay In A Minsu


Every year my friends and I would go on a holiday…. DURING MONSOON SEASON. Hahaha!! Last year we went to Phuket. That’s because the tickets are much cheaper and because we booked our Taiwan flight tickets one year in advance, it came up to only about SGD200+ per person! Usually a Taiwan round trip would cost at least SGD500+. And I’m talking about budget airlines.

Our itinerary:

  • From Taoyuan Airport to Miaoli
  • From Miaoli to Taichung
  • From Taichung to Taipei

橄榄树 民宿 – Olive Tree Min Su

The 民宿 (min su – homestay inn) in Miaoli was the most beautiful place I’ve ever stayed in. I stayed in a minsu before, some years ago, but it was just an okie minsu, like nothing special.

But for this one, it was love at first sight the moment we arrived. I was so awestruck my vocab suddenly shrunk to only “SO NICE!! SO NICE!!” Hahaha!




橄榄树 民宿 – Olive Tree Min Su


I love the little potted plants that were everywhere. Greatly inspired by Olive Tree Minsu. In my own home I shall have many little potted plants. And random little decorations that will take me forever to clean and I will give up and one day throw all of them away.