You Don’t Have To Be In Sunny Singapore To Look Sun-Kissed With The NYC Bronzer In Sunny

Now you can have the glow of summer air on your face all year round with the New York Color Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny!

Actually, without Sunny, it’s still summer all year round here in Singapore. Yay to sweat and stickiness!

But for those who have the luxury of looking pasty white and drawn of blood in the cold, blue, winter months (That’s how they describe it in storybooks like The Little Match Girl), a touch of warmth on the face will naturally leave you feeling like you just cupped a mug of hot chocolate in your hands while it’s snowing outside.

Sheer & Natural Coverage

NYC Bronzer in Sunny is sheer in pigmentation for all the right reasons.

You can swipe your brush across the product and dispense it all over your face to add color and for a natural glow.

You can use it to warm the face when foundation is a little on the lighter side. Whenever I use the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation, I tend to use Sunny to bring color back to my face. I gave the Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation a ‘Quite Good!’ rating (which is 4/5), but recently I find myself using it a lot and actually think it deserves more a ‘This is LOVE!’ rating (5/5).

You can use bronzer to contour the face to make it look more chiseled by receding the sides and temples of the face.