Can the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 Keep Oily Skin Shine-Free?

Many women think they are cursed with an oily T-zone, where oil glands work overtime at the forehead, nose and chin areas. Well, if they saw how soaked my blotting sheet is after a blotting session, they’d feel blessed that oiliness is concentrated only at their T-zone instead of the WHOLE FACE like mine.

I try as many methods and products possible (within reasonable budget and common sense, of course) to keep my face as shine-free as possible, at least for a good half of the day.

Mineral makeup worked up the oils on my skin within 2 hours and accentuated my pores, makeup face primers like the Stila Hydrating Primer turned me into an oil slick, liquid foundations that claim to give the ‘glowy finish’ usually give me the ‘greasy finish’ and sometimes even setting it with loose powder barely works.

Sigh, these are just fragments of an oily girl’s woes.

When I chanced upon a review on Youtube about the Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 being a great product that helps to keep shine away, I was immediately interested! Anything that controls oil!