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I sent Mr Mode this picture and he said there’s no way I looked like I had just finished Zumba. HAHA! Okie, that was the first and last time I had makeup on for a workout at Radiance PhysioFit. And seriously, I don’t sweat a lot. I’d love to have all my fats crying, but I just don’t perspire easily. It’s not that I don’t have fats – I DO. Pokes tummy *boink boink*.

(By the way, zero editing done to the above picture. There’s a specific spot in the shower room where the lighting’s just awesome for selfies. LOL)

I was not very athletic in school. The annual NAPHA test was as appealing as… as… leaving a tissue in a pocket and putting it in a washing machine. SUPER ANNOYING. More annoying than anything else in the world actually. Grrr!

I used to watch my classmates sprint through their tests and go for an early recess while I was running my round of death at the 2.4km run. I usually felt like dying, like, after the first round.

They say the 2.4km run is a gauge of speed and stamina, but WHY RUN? Why couldn’t we swim, cycle, do the hula-hoop (I’m very good, you know) or jump rope? I have flat feet, so it hurts to run. Not everyone is cut out for running, just as much as not everyone can write or sing or dance or hula-hoop.

There was once my PE teacher, at our 5th round, barked at me and my friend (who also hated running) “You two, stop running, you’re wasting everybody’s time!!”. So once again, not surprisingly, I falied my NAPHA. In my entire secondary school career, I passed only once.

I got a 4 or 5 (5 being the highest score) for all the other stations – standing broad jump, sit & reach, inclined pull-up, shuttle run. But if you fail something, you fail everything.

Why NAPHA stands for National Physical Fitness Award is beyond my comprehension. Since I hardly ever passed my NAPHA, it meant that I never got an award from an award-giving competition, which practically left me a resident loser in terms of physical fitness. So much for child development.


Award: FAIL

Thanks much.


Every Award: Fail I got reinforced my belief that I wasn’t cut out for any form of exercise in this lifetime.

Fast forward to my current 29 years of age, I’m a soon-to-be bride preparing for her wedding photoshoot next January. (OH NO! I haven’t booked accommodation for Taipei yet!)

My Goals 

  • Lose the flabby tummy
  • Lose the flabby thighs
  • Lose the flabby arms

Notice weight-loss isn’t on the agenda coz I know that if I work out right, weight loss comes along. I don’t want to lose weight necessarily, I just want to feel less jiggly in those areas when I move, and be healthier.

Another tiny reason is because I read that keeping yourself in good shape/condition helps in conceiving and pregnancy. Healthy mummy, healthy baby, right? =)

So after researching on several gyms and checking out their facilities, I decided on Radiance PhysioFit. I couldn’t be happier anywhere else. 😀

First things first, I had just returned from a work trip with some orh cehs (bruises) from tui na and ba guan on my body, so please don’t be alarmed!



Here are 5 reasons why I started to love working out: