Lawyer’s Letter From MedLife Clinic & Surgery Demanding Clarification

Suay is my middle name.

In Hokkien, ‘suay’ means unlucky.

Juli-Suay-Bun. (Okie, Bun isn’t my actual surname.)

On 27 May 2013, I was invited for a facial at a beauty salon. This event unfortunately became a tragedy, which led to me suffering a skin condition which terrified and traumatized me, and also to my inbox and social media accounts to be bombarded with hundreds and hundreds of messages – some of love and support, some, till this day, asking for the name of the salon ‘in private’.

Hello darling, there is nothing ‘private’ between you and I if I have never met you and may never know you. What if you’re actually a spy from the salon masquerading as a fellow prey of another salon, trying to suss me out, testing if I would loosely share the identity and then SUE ME? Think I’m stupid or what?

Many bloggers have asked me for the salon’s name and I have unflinchingly declined. Even my friends don’t know the name of the salon. Actually they don’t give a shit about knowing which salon it is because they don’t want to put me in a difficult position in having to choose between confidentiality and honesty in a friendship.

People who ask don’t know me, people who know me don’t ask (or are very smart people who understand why I have remain tight-lipped about its identity).

On 31 May 2013, four days post-facial, I wrote a post documenting my arduous journey from the day of the facial to Night 4. I mentioned that I had gone to see a doctor and he had given me expired medicine and creams.

This is the first clinic I visited:




On 05 July 2013, I received a lawyer’s letter from MedLife Clinic & Surgery demanding clarification. I am posting this in response to their demand for clarification.

Before I tell my side of the story and I will stick to facts, I wish to make known the following:-

It was never my intention to defame MedLife Clinic & Surgery, to question their competence or to raise any suggestion regarding their professional ethics.  If this appeared to be the impression I have given, I apologise unreservedly to them for having given any readers this impression.

So here is my story, true, unabridged and factual:-