10 Mistakes Made By the Makeup Coach at the Majolica Majorca Makeup Workshop

Kai and I

My girl friend, Kai, invited me to be her plus-one for a Majolica Majorca Makeup Workshop that she won a contest for. I think it’s some kind exclusive arrangement with a blogshop she frequents.

I love attending courses related to beauty, there’re just so fun to be part of – you get to play with products, learn new stuff, meet new people, and get to be 100% girly.

But the best thing about it is when you can share all the above with a girl friend, in addition to freeflow giggling, laughing at the coach’s bad jokes, catching up with one another and just basking in each other’s company.

The focus of this post is not so much about Majolica Majorca’s new collection launch, rather, it is about the quality (actually, lack of) of the makeup ‘coach’ employed to represent the brand and its products.

Inarticulation, mispronouncement of product names, and bad command of the English language aside, the ‘coach’ did a pretty bad job teaching the basics of makeup.

Let’s call this ‘coach’ Mr CMI (Cannot-Make-It).

During class and on the train ride home, I jotted down the mistakes or things Mr CMI should not have said and done, or could have done better. It was a list that easily extended to 2 pages of my notebook; I had a hard time selecting which ones to include in this post.

Here are the 10 things Mr CMI did that really irked me.

(I did not take pictures of the model because I thought it’d be rude to do that without her permission. I also did not include pictures of Mr CMI in this post because… it’s just not a nice thing to do.)