An Expensive Lesson Learnt: Be Careful When You Buy Electrical Appliances From The U.S. If You Are In Singapore


USD120 for a hair curling tong was, and still is, a great deal to me, but I thought of it as an investment, a good decision to replace my other hair irons that are of inferior quality. Never could I have imagined that I’d pay USD120 + necessary fees AND get nothing in return. Nothing tangible, at least.

Above the USD120 for the curling iron that was never meant to be, I paid USD30 for shipping from US to Singapore, and SGD 50+ for shipping from Singapore back to US. Not to mention the anguish and disappointment felt. @#$*&~!#@%^*!!

Before I break into my experience on this ordeal, let me just warn onset all my readers residing in countries other than the US that it is advisable not to buy any electrical appliance from US. There is nothing discriminatory about this statement, just pure desire to save anyone the trouble, disappointment and waste of money and time that I went through.

Wait, scrap that. Let me rephrase: It is advisable not to buy any electrical appliance from anywhere else than your own country.

The object of this matter would be the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron – 25MM (from, a hair curling tong I had decided on after doing extensive research, or so I thought. I did research on everything, brands available in the market, thickness of the barrel, quality, price… well, EXCEPT the most important thing – power compatibility.

In my excitement and haste to own a good hair curling tong, I was blinded by a deluded belief that ‘everything will be fine’. Sometimes I can be too optimistic for my own good. =|

After a good many weeks, the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron finally arrived in my anticipating hands.