MAC Gold-Go-Lightly Studio Careblend Pressed Powder: As Contouring Powder, Blush, And Eyeshadow

Every time MAC rolls out their weekly limited edition collection, I’ll roll my eyes too. @_@

Established beauty bloggers can receive the whole suite of products from the collection and will give details on the eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, powder, prices, DA-BER-DEE-DA, and I usually don’t give a hoot about their loot.

I mean, how many of us, with regular, fixed income, have the financial ability to fork out so much money for one collection? And it’s not like each collection has very unique products to die for. More often than not, the eyeshadow colors repeat or are just slightly darker, slightly lighter and really don’t make a BIG DIFFERENCE on the eyes once you mix them with other colors and blend them out. =(

It is also because of the fact that MAC Singapore prices its products at least S$10 more expensive than in the US (#109 Small Contour Brush costs S$20 more here! Ugh!) that I rarely find myself casually browsing the black MAC shelves. I enter a MAC shop with a mission – to swatch a color, see a brush, or ask for a specific product. Then I buy online. LOL.

So it was one of those mission-filled days that I stepped in and asked the MUA for a contouring powder shade for my NC20-25 skin undertone. I’ve read on countless blogs that MAC Emote blush is the best color for contouring but it was discontinued long ago much to the utter dismay of thousands of fans around the world. It was kinda substituted by Harmony. A well-known dupe for Emote is NYX blush in Taupe but Taupe looks disgustingly muddy on me so I use it as an eyebrow powder sometimes instead.