One Of The Worst Liquid Eyeliners I’ve Tried: MAC Liquidlast Liner Inky

We forget and ignore stuff all the time. More often than not, we try to block out unhappy things and remember the moments that made us smile.

I discovered that one of life’s secrets is that we don’t actually need to forget things; it is good enough that we do not accidentally remember them.


Why so serious?!

No, seriously, I really forgot about the existence of MAC Liquidlast Liner in Inky (aka One-of-The-Worst-Eyeliners-I’ve-Tried-in-My-Life) in my makeup stash until I had to move all my makeup from one 2-tier cabinet, one 3-tier cabinet, one makeup bag, and other random places to my newly acquired Muji makeup storage cabinet.

You know that moment of melancholy when you look at old pictures of someone who ‘could have been’, or of a moment that ‘could have been something more’? And then you put it back and sigh to yourself in relief that you’ve moved on, yet somehow you cannot stop thinking about it.

That was how I felt when the MAC Liquidlast Liner in Inky stared back at me with its beautiful deep blue eyes. So I decided to do a review on it before I banish it to the dungeons of the long-forgotten again.