Imagine Going To The Cinema Everyday With Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub


When I was in university we did a group project which surveyed the factors people take into consideration when deciding on a cinema. Location, price, variety of movies, comfort of seats were among the common and quickly churned options.

Then I said ‘popcorn’. And everyone looked at me like I just answered ‘elephant’ to what the smallest animal in the world is.

HAHAHA!! What!! I love my popcorn and how much I enjoy the movie is partially dependent on the quality of popcorn I put into my mouth. Some make it too sweet, some make too bland, some make it too crunchy, some are too lao hong.

I like my popcorn sweet most of the time, but not too sweet. Butter proportion is important too. I like the combination of Garrett Popcorn’s Chicago Mix – a combination of caramel and cheesecorn, however the crunchiness and freshness disappear within half an hour. Such short-lived excellence. :(

The topic of discussion isn’t popcorn though, we’re talking about this fun-tasting lip exfoliating scrub from Lush. It’s my first ever product from the brand too.


I was really excited when Lush first landed on our shores but when I came within 3 metres of the store at Wisma Atria, the pungent smell immediately consumed  me. From then on I would walk the other side of the basement level just to avoid the overpowering smells (to me) or aromas (maybe to you) emitting from the store.

But then one day I had enough of my lips peeling so often that I researched on exfoliating lip scrubs and somehow saw reviews on Lush Lip Scrubs.


One thing led to another and I found myself holding my breath and walking into Lush. Holds breath: *hurrgh!* >.<”