L’Oreal HiP Eyeshadow Duos Review – Showy and Platinum

What makes an eyeshadow awesome? INTENSE PIGMENTATION – so that you don’t have to keep going over and over the product with a brush or your finger to get some decent payoff.

The L’Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duos are named so because in every High Intensity Pigments eyeshadow duo, there is one extremely pigmented color. Really, just one. More about that in a while.

The L’Oreal HIP range of eyeshadows and eyeliners came to Singapore in 2010 for a very short while and I really didn’t think much of them. It was only much later, and after reading how people absolutely worshipped the HIP range that I was brought to attention how good they really are. But by then, L’Oreal had pulled the entire range out of our shores. Booohoooo…….!!!