Lancome Mat Miracle 24H Foundation Review – Perfect Cover And Finish For Oily And Blemished Skin


It’s amazing – the Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation has triumphed all other foundations currently in my possession. 80% of the time I use this, while leaving the rest to be distributed among new foundations to be tested, existing ones which are pretty good but are overshadowed by Lancome Mat Miracle, and those not-so-suitable ones waiting to be given a second chance.

Truth be told, I was apprehensive when I received the Lancome Mat Miracle. I remember not having such a great experience with my previous Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation despite my review, afterall. Skin changed and over time, my skin decided that the Maqui wasn’t to its liking – too greasy! It was, afterall, meant to give a glowy finish but my skin confuses glowy with oily, so… BLEAH.

But you know you’ve discovered gold when you reach for the same bottle of liquid foundation over and over. And I have, with the Lancome Mat Miracle.

At first glance my skin looks pretty okie here, especially with the very flattering lights from a makeshift makeup table at the Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited event recently. But if you look closely, there are plenty of weird stuff going on on my face. Lol.

Lancome-Mat-Miracle-24H-Foundation-BO-01-Review,-Swatches,-Photos-8-Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited

Love that it was ‘designed for Asian Skin’. 😀


(WhOOps! I just only realized the ‘shake well before use’ instruction. I never looked so closely at the bottle before taking pictures for this review, that means I never shook it before. Teeheehee!)


Make Me Youthful Again, Bourjois Youth Extension Flower Perfection Foundation SPF 15!

I love it when a product not only does what it promises, but springs on you a surprise element!

Did you know the Bourjois Youth Extension Flower Perfection Foundation SPF 15 would smell so good? Well, I didn’t!

My initial experience with Bourjois was its blushes. I don’t know why Bourjois blushes are so heavily perfumed. I choke just going near them. I had 4 of those some years ago. The pigmentation’s not too bad if you don’t get the glittery ones and the colors are pretty, but why the super heavy smell? I’m not even going to call it ‘fragance’ coz it’s too much to take. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy any of those blushes anymore.

The rest of its products like mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, are free from intoxicating smells though, but I made sure to take good sniff of the Bourjois Flower Perfection Youth Extension Foundation before purchasing it.

The Bourjois Flower Perfection Youth Extension Foundation is part of a small collection which consists of this foundation, a face primer, a translucent loose powder and a face brush.