Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Blogger Event: Of Pyjamas, Candles And Some Boob Talk

What do pyjamas, candles and boob talk have in common? Yes!! A pyjamas partaayyy!!!

Only that I didn’t get to have the boob talk at the actual event. You’ll see in a while.

When I got invited for the event I didn’t expect to be that special and fun! Oh I never expect anything out of any event anyway coz every one is always different.

On the eve of the event my blog manager Gabby texted me to come dressed in pyjamas and I was like ‘HUH? Pyjamas?! Why so weird?’ but in my heart my reaction was more like ‘YAYYY!!! HAPPY!!!’. LOL.

How I LUURRVVEEE themed parties! School uniform, Geeky, Shanghai, Wondergirls (HAHA!), Cowboy, etc. I love dressing up specially for an event; going through all the costumes, makeup, hair makes me ~high~. That’s why I LOVE Halloween!

OMG! That’s in less than two months!!!  

A themed party makes the experience more wholesome, the energy more united and everyone more in tuned with one another. It’s like having a shared, sacred memory.

I love themed outings, but one thing I no longer do is wear couple clothing.

It’s so… um… un-adult-like. Maybe coz we’re both 28 and way over the let’s-get-cute-together-and-let-everyone-know-we’re-an-item stage. Kinda passe, you know what I mean? We’ve been together since secondary school. Yea, we did the couple clothing thing back then. That’s why I felt a little, teeny, tiny awkward when we went out in BRIGHT orange top and off-white shorts/berms just recently. Hoho.

Unintentional mitchy-matchy couple tops *shy*