Japan Kanebo KATE Jewel Carat GD-1 Eye Shadow Sparkles Like Gold Diamonds!

Kanebo Kate names all its eyeshadows with gold in them ‘GD-1’. There’s GD-1 in Eye Shadow DB, Graphical Eyes A, and Eye Shadow JC.

BR-1 has it worse (depending on how you look at it), since brown is such a popular color, BR-1, BR-2 can be found in ALL its eye products range.

So confusing!

I’d been eyeing the JC (Jewel Carat) Eyeshadows for a while since I first laid eyes on them. There are altogether 8 colors shown on the KATE international website,


PU-1 (light purple)

BR-2 (light brown)

GD-1 (gold)

BR-1 (dark brown)

GY-1 (silver)

PK-1 (pink)

WT-1 (white)

GN-1 (green)