Fun In Phuket! Days 4 And 5

Welcome back and thank you for being interested in the second part of my Phuket trip. Heh heh! If you are new to the blog or missed the previous post, here’s Phuket Trip Part 1!

Where did we stop? Oh yes – very abruptly – with a picture of the waters surrounding Phi Phi Island.

Our post-lunch exercise:

My hair craves attention more than I do. Always stealing the thunder! LOL! (Read: My hair has a soul of its own)

Super cool picture! The positions were all kinda planned though. I believe this would make an excellent photo for school oral examination where students have to describe what they see.

“This is a beach setting. In the foreground are three ladies posing for the camera. Judging from their sunglasses and attire, it seems to be a sunny day, with blue skies and a light breeze. Right behind them is a man who apparently can jump very high. His pose and expression suggest that he is photobombing. A few steps behind them all is another passerby who is taking in everything and seems to be amused at the sight.”