Inglot: Pretty And Bold Colored Gel Liners Of The Moment


When Inglot first took the market by storm and I saw review after review of how impressive their gel liners are, how pigmented their eyeshadows are, how reasonably priced their products are, I sighed in resignation from knowing I would probably never get my hands on Inglot, or it’d take years for the Poland brand to arrive on our shores.

Then they opened one in Malaysia but as much as I love Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur was kinda far to go just to buy some Inglot.

To my delight, after some time, Inglot popped up in City Square Mall in Johor Bahru!!! If you travel during off-peak hours, you can reach JB by bus in less than 45 minutes from Woodlands Interchange, including customs. Due to my busy schedule, I went only a year after it was open and my first Inglot haul accumulated to more than RM420.00. That equates to about SGD175.00.

I’ll leave the review on Inglot eyeshadows, lip liner and lipstick for later. For now, let’s get going with the Inglot Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel (that’s the full name) in 72, 82 and 87.

Plastic-ky Packaging

For a whopping 5.5g of product at RM52.00 = SGD22.00, it’s a lot more than what MAC Fluidline offers with 3g at SGD28.00. Inglot costs less than HALF of Mac if you take it by the unit.

The numerical indications instead of proper names irk me. It’s really hard to remember what number the teal shade is – 87, the periwinkle – 82, the pink – 72.

While I like that the Inglot ones come in a plastic jar with a plastic screw top, it could be precisely because of them being housed in the plastic material that makes them more susceptible to drying out fast.

Look at the cracks! =.=


72 – The Pink


82 – The Periwinkle