Halloween Staycation With My Girlfriends And Philips VisaPure

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You’ve seen me at my worst – the brutality my skin was subjected to, the scores of injustice inflicted on my trusting nature that left me wounded with skepticism of the beauty industry.

Today, you are going to see me at my best. WITH NO MAKEUP.

You will see how one product created with consumers’ best interests in mind, backed with the highest level of advanced technology has made me feel honored to be gifted the opportunity to use it and brought great improvements to my battered skin.

You can stand to win a Philips Visapure for yourself! READ ON! 😀


But to get my skin to what it is and write what your eyes are reading now, I took a gamble.

I’ll be very honest with you and say that given the extreme vulnerability of my skin after the facial scare, I was wary of putting anything else other than dermatologically prescribed products.

Let alone an electronic facial-cleansing device that rotates and pulsates and has a life of its own (for one full minute)!

My initial thought was, “This is gonna give me better skin!? Hell no, that’s what the salon said about their services and look what happened to me!”

I was highly skeptical, and had every reason in the world to be. But I took a leap of faith.

That leap of faith, to give the Philips VisaPure a try, is something I would never, ever regret taking. I cannot tell you enough how much this seemingly simple yet sophisticated device improved my skin that I am now ADDICTED to it!

It was a gamble I took. And won. *pumps fist into air


Halloween Fun & Staycation With Girlfriends