My Travel Makeup Essentials For A Seven Day Trip To Taiwan

Besides beauty product reviews and makeup tutorials, I love reading posts about beauty bloggers sharing with their readers on ‘What’s in my purse’, ‘My top 5 beauty products’, ‘Makeup essentials for a trip’, you know, lists of favorites.

I’d just returned from a trip to Taiwan when I read Leesha’s post on what she brought on a trip. So that inspired me to write mine too! The picture above is also a Taiwan Tourism Logo inspired-picture! Must not copy exactly though, copyright issues! XD

I actually meant to get this post up long ago. Like reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy long ago. 5 months? It somehow got buried under and I cleanly forgot about it. But it’s a good thing though, since now I would have reviewed more products than I did 4 months ago.

Some of the products mentioned in this post I may have stopped using by the time of writing – like mascara which must not be used for more than 6 months, and others which I may have found better alternatives. It’s been 4 months, things get used up and there’s always a new contender! =)

Now let’s get started!

Here are what I brought with me on my seven days Taiwan trip!

I just HAD to bring that many makeup items. And I haven’t even started on the tools yet!

I really tried to cut down, but these are my travel makeup essentials! XD