Behind-The-Scenes Of Philips VisaPure Halloween Theme Video


YAY IT’S HALLOWEEN AGAIN!! (Actually it no longer is, at the time of writing, but it was at the time of the shoot. Nevertheless, I love to pretend that it’s a day for dressing up every day HOHO)

To prepare for this shoot, there were weeks of conceptualizing and planning! UGH! I don’t know why I had to choose a Halloween theme for my Philips Visapure video. #liketomakethingsdifficultformyself. We had A LOT OF FUN though! So glad and grateful to have my girlfriends make time for me.

Shopping for props and costumes took days as well. I had to get appropriate props – we had wayyyy more props than they appeared in the video and pictures, think of how to execute the makeup in the best possible time, and how to do it all with the least possible cost. OMG I even did an Excel spreadsheet for cost budgeting.

What I totally UNDERESTIMATED was the amount of work needed to transform myself into a mummy. *slaps forehead

Oh, Mummy!

I bought 2 types of cloth – a coarse eggshell cloth and a softer light beige one, you know, coz the Egyptians didn’t have cloths all dyed the same shade, right?


Luckily my dad helped me with this! I was sulking at the sheer amount of cloth I had to cut when he came and taught me a quick trick. Just cut at the edges,


AND TEARRRR!! So easy! We were done in minutes! 😀



On the day of the shoot I went to collect the props and clown costume from the costume shop (super expensive, please! =.=”) and checked in to the hotel.


I tried wrapping myself up. It was very fun – AT FIRST. Then I realized it wasn’t easy doing it myself and the cloth kept unwrapping! Grrr!!


So I got started on the makeup, which took like, 10 minutes max to complete. I chose the mummy costume thinking I’d save plenty of time on makeup – no wounds, no blood, no contouring – but the costume took about 10 times as much time. Regret x 10!!