Wow! Resorts World Genting, There’s More To You Than I Ever Knew!

*applause applause*

“And in this round, we have Juli’s team, up against their rivals for the championship of the Pyramid Game! Juli, you have to guess the answer based on descriptions given to you by your team mate. Remember to take note of some word exclusions. In order to win, you need to get ALL answers correct. Your 30 seconds starts…. NOW!”


Partner: CASINO!!
Me: Genting!!!


“I’m sorry, ‘Genting’ is correct but you mentioned a word in the clue and that’s a disqualification. And that means… Team X is the champion for Season 2 of the Pyramid Game!”


Me: Aiya, why did you say ‘Casino’?
Partner: Too nervous! I saw the word ‘Genting’ and that came to mind right away.
Me: Okie, never mind. I’m going on a trip up Genting with Nuffnang. I’ll tell you more about Genting when I come back! ^_^*

HAHAHA! Total imaginary game show cooked up in my happy little world.

But that would be how things could have been played out based on my prior knowledge of Genting. To many of us, the first word that comes to mind when ‘Genting’ is mentioned is ‘casino’. While that association is undeniably well-established, I now know that there is more to Genting than I had previously knew – EXPERIENCE LEVEL UP! – courtesy of Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang who made this trip possible for us.

Yes, SPONSORED TRIP. 😀 Woohoo!!!

Check out my poster face here.

Contest held by Nuffnang to win this free trip!

Add to the fact that 4 bloggers and 4 evangelists from Nuffnang came together to film ReelityTV Season 2, this experience was a truly unforgettable one for me!

I can only tell you <- so much -> what the activities were; you’ve got to wait for the episodes to be broadcasted! MUST WATCH OKIE!! Seriously, filming was so so so so so much fun!!! I’m a total newbie when it comes to filming as I don’t even do YouTube videos so I don’t know how I’ll look when the episodes are aired.

Pray I don’t look fat, sound funny, or have zero stage presence. I tried to channel my inner Running Man passion – you know, like they always stand in a line during the opening of each episode and joke around – and…… you’ll see. HAHAHA!

Day 1

Being connected to cyberspace is of paramount importance to bloggers. Lol. And check out our phones! All the iPhones are in white! Great minds think alike and that makes eight of us.

The day ended with dinner at Genting Palace.