On Days When You Want To Look Just That Bit Perkier, Try Garnier BB Eye Roll-On Concealer Cum Eye Care

Tell me, who can resist the ooh-ing and aah-ings made by the guests of the popular Taiwan variety show Nu Ren Wo Zui Da make when the makeup/skincare/hair care coaches introduce products and new techniques?!?

I have a love-hate relationship with Nu Ren Wo Zui Da. I try as much as possible not to type in the words on YouTube because I always end up feeling exasperated at not being able to get hold of the highly raved products mentioned. Firstly, they never ever state the brand or product name; secondly, they try SO HARD to hide any indication at all with their hands and camera angles! Ugh! Sometimes I’ll try searching for the entire episode’s title + ‘chan pin (products)’, but more often than not I don’t get any results. Maybe there are Taiwanese websites that share these info freely but I CANNOT FIND. Booo… :(

There are no subtitles for this video; you can ask me questions in the comment section below if you need clarification on specific parts of the videos. Meanwhile, I’ll try my best to include as much information as possible in English in my Garnier BB Eye Roll-On review.

It was pure luck and genius that I managed to find the Garnier BB Eye Roll-On one day in Guardian and immediately knew it was the one Kelvin lao shi (as he is affectionately known. lao shi = teacher) was using! YES!!!

I must’ve had a sip of Felix Felicis (‘liquid luck’ mentioned in Half-Blood Prince) that day because not only did I find it, it was ON SALE! It normally costs SGD22.90 but I got it for SGD16.90. There was no reason not to grab it. I initially got ‘Light’ without realizing, and swapped for ‘Natural’ after paying for it. I didn’t want to risk having white patches under my eye.

I am MAC NC20-25 for reference, and Natural is just nice.