5 Differences Between Silicone Face Primer, Lotion Face Primer, and Cream Face Primer

I  have extreeeemmely oily skin so without a primer my face would be all oily and gross like 2 hours after I’m done with my makeup. Before face primers, I had to blot twice a day. I know, I know, over-blotting actually induces the skin to produce more oil. But the amount of oil on my face could save the global crisis ! I swear you can see your reflection on my cheeks if I don’t blot mid-day.

And then I got introduced to the makeup world and *throws confetti into the air!* got to know about face primers!

Primers are like a web over the skin, to smooth out the skin by sort of ‘filling in’ the unevenness in the skin and allow makeup to have something to cling on to. Like legendary celebrity makeup artist Adrien Arpel says, face primers are “under-makeup makeup”.

Face primers come in lotion, cream and silicone form.

Creamy Formula Face Primer

My first experience with a cream face primer (Stila Hydrating Primer) ended in tragedy. It was horrible! My face looked like a melted plate of candle wax in the hot and humid weather of Singapore. I think the fact that I paired the cream primer with a BB cream made me the greasiest pancake-faced person ever. Gawd, BB creams are creamier and oilier in texture and I was putting a BB cream on top of a creamy face primer on top of a moisturizer on top of an oily face. Dang!! Creamy makeup primers are too rich for me.

It is, however, recommended for dry skin as creamy formula face primers tend to contain moisturizing ingredients.