Spamming Taken To A New Level: Comments On YOUR Blog Appearing On Mine. What The…?

This is what all spammers want right? Your attention, your trust that the link is what they make you think it is, that you’re gonna see some good stuff when you click.

It started a couple of days ago, this insane avalanche of nonsensical comments hiding behind the masks of seemingly sensible sentences ought to be typed by balanced individuals.

I received 5 on the first day, and then 10 on the second. By the third, I was deleting these rubbish comments every 2 hours.

At first, with only receiving email notifications and without actually reading the content of the email, I thought ‘WOW! WTF – Why The Flood??’ I haven’t been doing anything epic to warrant such sudden increase in comments from readers, new or current. Do note that spamming is different from trolling.

The comments seemed very real, you know, like how real comments are. (This doesn’t make sense, does it? LOL!) I mean, let’s say the post is a review on a makeup product – a mascara. Readers would respond with their like or dislike of it, thanking for the recommendation, asking for opinions, where to purchase, or comment probably on why my brows look so unkempt (hoho).